Open daily 11-14 and 17-23 h - - KANCHI = Enjoyment - - Special offers on demand

Kanchi - situated at the heart of Lucerne city near to the Lion monument offers you an authentic north and south Indian Cuisine. Its carefully staffed by people trained to treat every guest as a celebrity, highly praised by the food critics.

Kanchi is equipped with a traditional tandoori clay oven heated with charcoal where the chef prepares delights such as Lamp chops, Tandoori chicken, kebabs, Tikkas, Naan bread etc

  • Wedding Functions
  • Theme Dinners with Live Tandoori Oven
  • Cruise Dinner at Luzern Lake
  • Bollywood Dinner at Malabar Lounge (Cham)
  • Conference Lunch for Indian Corporates
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